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What is sterling silver?

Silver is a natural resource which is a material that is made through nature and historically has been and is currently used for economic gain. Many countries including the United States have had or currently have their banks backed up by silver and gold. With that being said, sterling silver alone is metal that obtains value in the market place. Sterling silver has been used to create jewelry for many years now. If you have been in the market for jewelry, you might have come across sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver is composed of 92.5 silver and 7.5 alloy metal. The main reasons manufacturers and jewelers do not make pure silver jewelry is because pure silver is soft. The jewelry...

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Miami Cuban link sizing length guide

How to determine your Miami cuban chain size? The most popular length sizes right now for Cuban link chains are sizes 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches.  Now, how do you choose the length of the chain? The first question is to ask yourself “Do I own a chain”. If you own a chain make sure you find the length of that chain and then ask yourself if you want it longer or shorter or keep it the same. If you want to have the same length of your current chain, but don't know the length; simply grab a ruler and measure it. Pictures showing the length sizes around the neck don't really give you a good perception. Every individual...

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What are Cuban link chains?

What are Cuban chains? What are Cuban chains? Cuban chains are very popular; the design is very simple and clean, it has an interlocking pattern that locks each link together giving it a smooth look. It's stylish, valuable, and the design makes a statement. The Cuban chain is also called Miami Cuban chain, Cuban link chain, and Cuba link chain. In Spanish they are also known as Cadena de Eslavon Cubano. The Cuban chain has received much respect from celebrities and rappers. Many people love the Cuban chain design, one of very few chain designs that have managed to stay in style becoming a timeless piece. It’s a must have design to add to your jewelry collection that can be...

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