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Article: What are Cuban link chains?

What is the Cuban link chain? Miami Cuban chain

What are Cuban link chains?

What are Cuban chains?

What are Cuban chains? Cuban chains are very popular; the design is very simple and clean, it has an interlocking pattern that locks each link together giving it a smooth look. It's stylish, valuable, and the design makes a statement. The Cuban chain is also called Miami Cuban chain, Cuban link chain, and Cuba link chain. In Spanish they are also known as Cadena de Eslavon Cubano.
The Cuban chain has received much respect from celebrities and rappers. Many people love the Cuban chain design, one of very few chain designs that have managed to stay in style becoming a timeless piece. It’s a must have design to add to your jewelry collection that can be worn for any occasion from casual to formal to business to streetwear. The Cuban design has been around for some time now and has been a classic statement piece.

What is Cuban link jewelryHow are Cuban link chains made?

How are Cuban chains made?

How are Cuban link chains made? Miami Cuban link chains are either machine made or handmade. Machine made Cuban link chains are made very fast and simple compared to the handmade Cuban link chains. Machine chains are not perfectly made, but neither are the handmade chains. The Machine chains are made in high production volumes, this helps manufactures sell in large quantities. 
The handmade Cuban link chains take much longer to make. Some people like to have the Cuban link chains made from scratch which they often pay a premium for. Handmade chains are usually made in gold for the reason that gold is expensive. Some jewelers are not really making handmade small sterling silver chains since there is not much profit in them.  When it comes to the final piece there is really not a difference in both types; of course, unless you are taking a detailed look at them.

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At the end you have different options when buying Cuban Link chains. In order, to get your money worth, a solid gold or solid sterling silver Cuban Link will do more for your buck. Unlike, stainless steel or plated chains, solid gold or solid sterling silver chains value never deteriorates. At the end the way the chain is made, machine or handmade initially does have a different value, but as time passes both will have the same value when valuing the gram per gold or silver. 
So why not plated chains? Even though many of these companies claim to plate their chains more than once, long term it’s not worth investing your money there. In the simplest term, plating a chain is like waxing your car, looks nice at first, but over time the environment will have an effect on it regardless of how much you try to take care of it, the same way with plated Cuban Chains. The most obvious is the value which deteriorates unlike solid gold or solid sterling silver.
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