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Silver is a precious metal just like gold. Even though gold is far rarer and more expensive, silver is still a quality metal to obtain. Sterling silver chain have the quality that are long lasting and can be passed down from generation to generation.

What Customers Are Saying

"I recently purchased a 6 mm Miami Cuban chain from Luke Zion jewelry I was really impressed with the quality it looks great feels great  I wear it all the time. Dennis is quick to respond to my emails and any questions I may have I am confident that any thing else I buy from his website will be the highest quality At a fair price" - Tony Bracht

"Luke Zion jewelry to me is about the most trustworthy seller and merchandiser I’ve found, his silver is solid and stamped. I haven’t found no one as trustworthy and keeping us up to date on jewelry and sales! One day would like to be a promoter for his business definitely!" - Salina Romero

"The attention that Dennis has is incredible, it is difficult to buy jewelry online because it's not only an investment,  but it is something that will become  a part of you. Dennis has always been very kind & has advised me at all times when I have had any questions , I have bought 3 of their chains and I am extremely happy with all my purchases, I have continued to buy with Dennis because as soon as you hold the product in your hands you can feel  its excellent quality, thanks Dennis of LZJ" - Hugo Antonio

Great quality! Better in person! Silver is my everyday wear. Completely Trust Luke Zion Jewelry, will do future business no problems at all. - Eric Zapata

The quality of Luke Zions jewelry is amazing and very durable. The silver itself is very shiny and stands out. I 100% recommend buying from Dennis as he will answer all your questions and ship you your jewelry very fast. -Alex Morales

Luke Zion Jewelry has some of the best quality silver out there, solid pieces with bright shine. What I really like about silver jewelry is it can totally give you a boss appearance at a fraction of the price of other expensive materials, such as white gold or platinum. That said, for anyone looking to invest there money into a nice piece of jewelry without breaking the bank, Luke Zion Jewelry is the place to do your business. I did and I have not regretted it since. -Alejandro Melchor

Luke Zion Jewelry silver quality is amazing it still shines just as good as when I got it a few months ago I do everything with it. I trust Dennis, he is helpful & kind - Rogelio Alvarado

LZJ Lion Pendant

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