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About Us

The Luke Zion Jewelry Story


I noticed there was a need for honestly & education in the jewelry industry. Which helped me start Luke Zion jewelry. I receive thousands of questions working in my local swap meets which provided me with raw data on what customers are concerned about. I saw many jewelry stores provide trickery just to make a sale. Which made me think about the jewelry industry as a whole. How can you tell if you are buying from a reputable jewelry store?


Luke Zion Jewelry (LZJ) was founded by Dennis, he started selling sterling silver jewelry back in 2014 in his local swap meets. The lack of men specific personable, honest, jewelry inspired Dennis to find and style men’s jewelry with affordable, classic, and timeless and unique pieces through the sterling silver precious metal.

On November of 2019, first son was born, which propelled Dennis to establish LZJ focusing on sterling silver chains. On November 2021, Zion, Dennis’s second son was born. The name of company consists of both boys’ name. More so, having a team of boys gave Dennis a push to connect men to the world of jewelry. The father and son bond has grown as the trio explore new unique items with the best critics and stylish Luke and Zion. For the now the boys work behind the scenes.

Our Mission:

The mission of LZJ is to provide customers with highest quality sterling silver jewelry. Our jewelry is made from genuine sterling silver in which the customer can rest assure that each piece that they receive is genuine and authentic. Customers can enjoy the beauty without the hassle of uncertainty. Through years of experience with questions, concerns, and stories the same themes appeared, the lack of honest, transparency, communication throughout the jewelry industry as whole made it apparent the lack of connection between consumer and company. Customers are encourage to ask questions from length to style to styling of the chains.

Why Sterling Silver?

I love precious metals and especially silver, I have been working with sterling silver since 2014 and have grown to see how sterling silver can elevate and transform someone’s life, especially if a jewelry piece is passed down from generation to generation. I know I am called to provide ease to consumers, by provided

From starting out with a few jewelry pieces, Luke Zion Jewelry has a great selection of chains for anyone.

On a mission to make sterling silver jewelry more attractive.