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Article: Miami Cuban link sizing length guide

Miami Cuban link sizing length guide

Miami Cuban link sizing length guide

How to determine your Miami Cuban chain size?

The most popular length sizes right now for Cuban link chains are sizes 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches.  Now, how do you choose the length of the chain? The first question is to ask yourself “Do I own a chain”. If you own a chain make sure you find the length of that chain and then ask yourself if you want it longer or shorter or keep it the same. If you want to have the same length of your current chain, but don't know the length; simply grab a ruler and measure it.

Miami Cuban measure chainsPictures showing the length sizes around the neck don't really give you a good perception. Every individual has different necks and shoulders that can make the length look shorter or longer than it really is, so don’t be fooled by the pictures showing you chain lengths, you might just be disappointed. 

Since sterling silver chains are very affordable, you can choose a length that you think best fits your needs. If by any chance you don’t like the length or if you’re thinking you should have gone a few more inches longer or shorter then buy a new sterling silver Cuban chain. The best thing you can do is layer your chains. You cannot go wrong with layering your chains; especially in today’s trend.


What Cuban chain millimeter/thickness is best for me?

Are you looking to purchase a Miami Cuban chain but don’t know what is the best thickness to buy? Here is a guide on chain sizing. In this blog we are going to talk about millimeter (thickness) you might like.

The truth is you might have to do a trial and error on what millimeter you like best. The fact is regardless of the millimeter trends, you might have to wear a few chains around your neck to see which size you love the most.

Are you using the Cuban chain alone? Or with a pendant?

This is really important because many pendants don’t have a big enough bail for the chains to go through it. On the safe side a 3mm & 4mm Cuban chain is used when adding a pendant. If it’s any bigger than that, you will have to look at your pendant’s bail size.

Now if you are looking to use the chain alone then the question becomes do you want something clean and small like a 3mm Miami Cuban or something medium 5mm or something larger 8.5mm. The best thing is that sterling silver chains are not as expensive as gold chains. If you purchase a Miami Cuban link and you like the chain but not the size then you can purchase a new one based on mm you purchased initially. You can always layer the chain which solves the problem. You can never go wrong by owning silver precious metal chains.

Good luck!


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