Popular Cuban chains

Why are Cuban chains so popular?

Why are Cuban chains so popular?

The rise of the Miami Cuban link chains is extremely popular, they are a sign of wealth to many people. Many rappers and hip-hop artists own custom-made gold Cuban link chains. The design is very simple and clean, that can be worn for any occasion from business attire to street attire. The Cuban chain will never go out of style, it is and has been an ageless piece. It's an iconic design that makes a statement for anyone wearing it. The chain is very simple yet carries some weight. The chain design is not a trend, it’s a must have!

Have you seen hip hop rappers’ pictures and/or their music videos? Yes, they have a Miami Cuban link hanging around their neck. The Cuban link is a must have chain for everyone that has a chain collection.

Why are Cuban chains so expensive?

Cuban chains don’t have to be expensive; particularly, if you are buying a Cuban chain made out of precious metal. For instance, buying a Cuban chain made of gold can become expensive depending on the grams, purity of the metal (24k is more expensive than a 10k, the higher the number before the “k”, the higher the purity), and thickness. 

In today’s world, owning a gold chain is perhaps not in someone’s budget. The point is you want to purchase a chain that can retain value, there is no real benefit to purchasing a fake plated gold chain. Though it is tempting to buy a plated chain the fact is you are losing money. However, there is an alternative, you can still purchase a Cuban link chain that obtains and retains value. The alternative is purchasing a solid sterling silver Cuban link chain which will carry value while retaining the value as times goes by. They are more accessible and it’s a precious metal that retains value. Sterling silver Cuban link chains are a great alternative to purchasing a gold chain if you don’t want to break the bank.

Gold chains are a sign of wealth to many people due to the price of gold being so high. Now the current silver market price makes sterling silver Cuban chains very appealing. If you are looking for solid sterling silver Cuban link chains visit Luke Zion Jewelry product page.

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