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3mm Prism Cut Franco Chain

Sale price$76.00

3mm Prism Cut Franco Chain

This 3mm Prism Cut Franco Sterling Silver chain is made in Italy and crafted with high precision and attention to detail. Featuring a diamond-cut Franco design, it is sure to add a touch of sparkle and sophistication to any outfit. The 3mm Prism Cut Franco chain is made of 925 sterling silver for superior quality and durability.

18 Inches - Weights approx.  17 grams

20 Inches - Weights approx.  20 grams

22 Inches - Weights approx.  21+ grams

24 Inches - Weights approx.  24 grams

26 Inches - Weights approx. 26 grams

28 Inches - Weights approx.  28 grams

30 Inches - Weights approx.  31 grams

*All chain weights are an approximate gram weight. Final chain weight may vary. All prices are final.

3mm Prism Cut Franco Chain
3mm Prism Cut Franco Chain Sale price$76.00