3mm Franco chain
Franco clasp chain

3mm Franco Chain

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Brand new sterling silver 3mm Franco chain, this Franco chain is made in Italy and is stamped 925. The Franco chain is a well respected design in the marketplace. This chain is a great addition to your jewelry collection. 

22 Inches - weights approx.   26.4 grams

24 Inches - weights approx.   28.8 grams

26 Inches - Weights approx.  30 grams

28 Inches - Weights approx.  32.8 grams

30 Inches - Weights approx.  35 grams

*All chain weights are an approximate gram weight. Final chain weight may vary.

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Christian L.
Canada Canada
Great Service

Thank you for the great service. The order and ship time was very fast and without issues. I will use them again. The only small point to make is that UPS is used and in Canada, they might ding you with their import fees. I somehow got lucky and they did not collect but USPS would remove that possibility.

Daniel A.
United States United States
Real Real Reviews

I bought this chain bc I am a future gold franco chain buyer and I wanted to be sure I wanted this chain and this style. I bought this on a Friday and got it Tuesday. The shipping was two business days and was mad fast :) In between the links you can see it was not polished It has a mat finish but the shine on the chain is great for the price. The clasp is kinda massive and when I put it on I kinda have a hard time putting it on bc I pull it back kinda far but it is not much too fus about and I probably have to break it in also the o-ring that connects the clasp was not welded like the one in the picture bc I can see where they welded it and it is uneven and not smooth. I will be putting this chain to the test bc it is my second chain and I feel like the O-ring might be the weak link on this chain hopefully it does not snap off. I will update this if anything changes/happens. I am stuck between 4 and 5 stars but Ill leave it at 4.5 bc of the weld of the o-ring. I'm sorry if the o-ring is something normal I'm kinda new to the jewelry quality scene.

Maurice F.
United States United States
3mm sterling silver Franco chain. Good quality chain love the white silver color. I bought a sterling silver chain and returned it because it was coated with rhodium which made it look like stainless steel . Waiting for new stock LZJ will buy again love the quality.

Have gotten several compliments . Hole that clasp attaches to is a little small but it’s secure

Dalvin J.
United States United States
Great value

Overall from open to wearing for a couple of months my experience has been good. It’s a great wieght and size for the price, some signs of wear are beginning to show but aside from that it’s of good quality and craftsmanship

Richard G.
United States United States
3mm Franco

Shipping was fast. Great service. Now the Franco chain, it’s now my favorite. Feels durable, shines and feels great around my neck.