Unkinking a Miami Cuban Link Chain Necklace – Untangling a Miami Cuban Chain Necklace

What is a kink?

A kink is sometimes referred to as a tangle, a kink is more of sharp twist, curve, bend, or curl in something that is otherwise straight. In a Miami Cuban Chain, a kink may look something similar like this:


Untangle necklace, unkink a chain


Why do kinks occur?

Kinks occur for many reasons. Kinks can be results of movements of the person to the storage of the chain to the pendant moving through the chain. It is normal and common and can be easily fixed.



This instruction is specifically for kinks in Miami Cuban links, each chain may kink a little different and therefore different techniques or methods to unkinking it might be needed. I also have to disclose that kinks may also vary within Miami Cuban link thickness, for instance a smaller mm Cuban chain my kink easier and frequently compared to a larger mm Cuban chain. With a larger mm Cuban chain, the kinks are easy to unkink oppose to a smaller mm.

What many people like to try when a kink appears on their chain is pulling on the two sides of the chains where the kink occurs. This method may work sometimes and sometimes it will be unsuccessful. Another method is people like to use is unclasping the chain, holding one of the ends and shifting or wiggling it around. Again, this might work sometimes and sometimes it will be unsuccessful.

The most successful way is focusing on the area or areas where the kink is occurring, holding the sides where kink is occurring, pulling forward (pull toward each other) while gently twisting the sides. Many people first action is to pull apart, but the real strategy is puling toward each other. To see a visual, please view my video bellow.




How To Unkink A Miami Cuban Link Chain Necklace



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