How to clean your Silver Jewelry with a Silver Dip Cleaner?

How to clean your Silver Jewelry with a Silver Dip Cleaner?

How to clean your Silver Jewelry with a Silver Dip Cleaner? 

·       Tarnished silver jewelry or dirty silver jewelry

·       Gloves

·       Silver Dip Cleaner (any brand, but I prefer this Silver Dip Cleaner on Amazon:

·       Clean cloth or napkins 

·       Polish cloth (any brand, but I prefer this polish cloth 

·       Clean water (use your sink)

Silver dip cleaners typical have harsh chemicals and if you have little ones like me, I always recommend wearing gloves when using the cleaner and secure the cleaner out of children’s reach.

Go to your sink, locate a tarnished silver jewelry piece, or silver jewelry that looks dirty, put it on the side, open the silver dip cleaner. Most silver cleaners come with a net holder, place your silver piece there, dip the silver piece and leave it in the liquid for about 20 to 30 seconds (you may want to leave it longer depending on how tarnished your silver is). Pick up the net and rinse your silver piece thoroughly in water. Grab your dry cloth or napkin and dry your silver piece thoroughly. Once it is completely dry polish your cloth with your polishing cloth. A polishing cloth is recommended since it picks up any residue that was left behind. The polishing cloth also gives it a finishing touch. 

So why a silver dip cleaner and not jewelry dip cleaner? 

Jewelry dip cleaners are an all-purpose jewelry cleaner, meaning that it can be used in all most all type of jewelry; however, this sometimes is not a necessarily the best option. A silver dip cleaner is recommended specifically for sterling silver jewelry since the product was design specifically for that metal, having a better result. Of course, as the consumer this your choice and you can always buy both to see the difference.

Here is a YouTube video to help you with a visual -




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