Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

Does sterling silver tarnish?

This is a very common question that I receive nearly every day. Let me explain, I’ve had customers swear that sterling silver does not tarnish and I’ve had customers say they wore a chain for a few hours and it turned black.

Will sterling silver tarnish?

 In this video I answer this simple question, I will give you a brief understanding on the answer (YouTube Video). I hope this video gives you some clarity.

When you google search online, you might find the same answer, some people are saying yes it does tarnish while others are saying it does not tarnish.

But since you are here, the short answer is YES, sterling silver does tarnish. Silver tarnish is a natural process that occurs on all sterling silver jewelry. Though some people think it’s a strong indication that the jewelry piece is fake, this is not 100% always the case.

The thought that sterling silver tarnishes only occurs with silver jewelry made from low purity silver is not always correct. There are many reasons that can also contribute to the tarnishing of silver.

You might buy from a high-end silver sterling jewelry company, and let me tell you, it will also tarnish. Brand name sterling silver, cannot hide from there solid sterling silver from tarnishing

I hope this video clears some of the controversy you find online about sterling jewelry. (Watch Now)

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Why Sterling silver Tarnish?

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